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 School Canteen
St Mary's Meals Kitchen plays a very important role in providing healthy and nutritious meals and snacks to the many students who use the canteen for their mid-morning and lunch time breaks.  We have a choice of at least 6 fresh homemade dishes daily, along with a large selection of healthy snacks including a salad bar, providing fresh rolls, tortillas and floury baps each day along with a large selection of healthy salads using low fat dressings and mayonnaise.  We also can provide special dietary meals and snacks if and when they are requested.  We work very closely with the school in providing information about healthy eating through the SNAG group and the student council.  At these meetings, pupils are given the chance to suggest options in making their mid-day meal a fun and healthy experience.  Also the SELB's Nutritional Standards Officer gives healthy eating talks to pupils, and all new parents of Year 8 pupils are given the chance to meet her and ask any questions they might have in the Year 8 induction evening.

We have obtained an "OUTSTANDING" grade by the schools inspectorate in the recent school inspection, which is a magnificent achievement.  The local council has recently introduced a new grading system for food safety and hygiene in which we were awarded the highest grade achievable which is 5.  We are extremely proud of this grade as it was achieved through hard work in our cooking and planning of meals.


For the mid-morning break, pupils can choose from a large selction of snacks which are very good value for money.  We only have two fried food days in a week and one of these days icludes a red meat free day.  The remaining 3 days are all healthy homemade meals and snacks.

The table below shows a typical menu of our break and dinner choices


 Mid Morning Menu  Lunch Menu
 Toast  Vegetable and Pasta Bake
 Pancakes  Chicken
 Scones  Lasagne/Chicken Pie
 Yoghurts  Hot Chicken Baguettes
 Fruit  Homemade Curry and Rice
 Tea/Coffee  Roast Dish of the Day
 Milk  Creamed Potatoes
   Dry Roasted Potatoes
   Fresh Vegetable Selection 2-3
   Chicken/Vegetarian Stir Fry
   Spaghetti Bolognese
   Home Made Soup
I would encourage you to let your children use the school canteen facilities where the food is of an excellent quality and taste, prepared by highly qualified cooks who along with the other staff members do our best in providing healthy food served in pleasant surroundings, where all the children are welcomed as if they were our own.

Andrea Keown
(Unit Catering Supervisor)                                                       
                                           Steak Burgers, Cauliflour Cheese, Beans, Dry Oven Roast Potatoes, Vegetarian Stir Fry

                                                             Fresh Vegetables Daily, Cabbage, Baton of Carrots, Broccoli

                                                         Salad Bar - serving small and large rolls, floury baps and tortillas or
                                                                      small and large salads and filled baked potatoes


We also have home made vegetable soup made every day.........