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 SNAG Events
St. Mary’s Water Bottles – October 2015- November 2015
With the funding, St. Mary’s were able to purchase two hundred water bottles for all Year 8 - Year 9 students. SNAG (School Nutrition Action Group) launched a water logo competition, asking all Year 8 / Year 9 students to design a potential water logo for the St. Mary’s water bottle. SNAG was delighted to receive 80 entries and offer prizes to two runner ups and award Lauren McCaul first place. Well done Lauren! SNAG also launched a “rethink your drink” campaign”, using the school social media and assemblies to encourage the drinking of water. This benefited students as SNAG has noticed an increase in pupil’s drinking water throughout the day. Pupils are also more aware of the benefits of drinking water including less sugar content, increased concentration, as opposed to fizzy drinks.