Wholeschool Portal | Home 22 September 2018
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  Over the past 7 weeks class 08-06 have been working with Southern Health Trust in a ‘No Smoking’ project.
The aim of this project was to discover reasons why young people smoke, the dangers of smoking and most significantly strategies to prevent young people from smoking.
The pupils have been working on producing a short video clip to educate young people about the effects of smoking using plaque cards and images. They also choose suitable music to accompany the clip. 08-06 worked really well as a team and effectively communicated ideas with one another.
Nikki Girvan and Emma Markey from the Southern Health Trust were very impressed with their hard work. The video clip is now available to watch and it’s also on the Trusts web page.
Here in St Mary’s the health and well-being of our pupils takes president and Mrs Joanne McGinn- our Health Education Co-Ordinator is delighted with how the project came together.
Well done 0806