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The SNAG team bring you a very special announcement

‘Gaelic champions, Feis success, Netball winners, Fabulous Fundraisers and marvellous mentors’.

These are just some of the buzz words used to describe the amazing pupils right here in St. Mary’s.

However, we have found that despite the wonderful efforts and contributions of all our pupils, some of you don’t realise just how brilliant you are! So we the SNAG team are on a mission! We want to help you believe in yourself and help you to realise the super girl you really are.

Our new initiative is called Fall in Love with Yourself. It aims to increase your self esteem and help you to understand that you don't have to be a movie star, rule the world or cure world hunger to be amazing!

You see when God made you He did so in the exact and perfect way with your own unique talents and gifts.So for example you might be amazing because last week you beat your previous test result, or you might be brilliant because you are so dedicated to your sport or even because you're such a help at home. You might even be wonderful because last night you stayed up until 1 in the morning marking A Level essays!

The theme we have given for this week is 'Believe Your Beautiful!' 

This week’s challenge is that at the end of each day you write down one thing you did that makes you wonderful. Remember even the simple things you do for someone, like a smile or a chat, can make a big difference! So go ahead, start feeling good about the brilliant person that is you!


Remember that nothing makes a girl more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.

 Let us leave you with a reminder of just some of the wonderful girls we have here in St. Mary's. 









Don't change so people will like you,
          Be yourself and the right people will love you