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 Learning Partners

Our Learning Partners for 2016/2017 are:
Aoibheann Ohare, Natalie Rice, Shannon Taylor, Caitlin Murphy, Lauren Mulligan, Anna Ruddy, Shannon Ciara Maguire, Niamh Bradley, Philomena Lambe, Fainche Lennon, Olivia Hazzard, Seana Gribben, Anna Kearney.

Research and experience have proven that mentoring is an effective process, engaging students and empowering them to become more successful learners. 
Year 13 Learning Partners meet with their Year 8/9 pupils twice per week for 15 minutes approximately, discussing areas such as home study, class work, homework and organisational skills. It gives the Year 13’s an opportunity to share their experiences and their memories of Junior school, along with any little techniques, study skills or ideas that they found useful and that worked for them. Learning Partners give on going support to help some of our new pupils settle into their new school environment and for others it is to assist them to meet targets for improvements.