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Job Description - What will I do?


Criminology is an organised way of thinking and talking about 

  • Crime  -  What is crime?

  • Criminals  -  Who is a criminal?

  • Crime Control  -  How can we control crime?

It is the study of how crime is defined, why some people commit crime and what happens when they do.  It is also the study of victims, the police, the courts and penal system, as well as the prevention and deterrence of criminal behaviour.  Criminologists  study the nature, extent, causes and control of criminal behaviour in both the individual and society.  Areas of research in criminology include the incidence, forms, causes and consequences of crime, as well as social and governmental regulations and reaction to crime.  Criminologists conduct research at crime scenes and in different neighbourhoods, courts, jails and prisons, and they write reports or books on their findings.  They study the behaviour and actions of criminals, often trying to understand motivation.  They take aspects from psychology and sociology.  This is why criminologists can be referred to as sociologists.



GCSE English and Maths at Grade C.  A and/or AS Levels ABB or BBB + B


Entry and Training

Queens University offers this course.  The following introductory modules are offered in the first year. Finding Out About Social Policy, Resourcing Social Science, Structures of Power and Inequality, The Individual and Society.  In stage 2 students take courses in Criminological Theory, Research Skills, Crime and Society, and may choose options on Drugs and Crime and Policing.  In stage 3 students take Research skills 2, Crime Control, and options on Gender Crime and Harm, and Penal Policy.

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Salary - How much will I get paid?

Starting out, Criminologists earn about £17,000 while those with experience can earn £30,000 per year.  Their salaries vary according to the responsibilities of their jobs and the sixe of the population they serve.


Skills and Qualities

This professional needs to be focused, creative, analytical in thinking, logic and problem solving skills.  A criminologist must be interested in society as a whole.  They need the ability to present and develop a cohesive argument, have IT skills, research and problem solving skills, communication skills and working as part of a team.

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