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Art is valued at St Mary’s as a subject which develops pupils' confidence and ability to explore ideas and produce unique and imaginative visual outcomes. Pupils have the opportunity to work in a broad range of media and practices including; drawing and painting, clay work, printmaking, textile design, printing and multi media. 

We have an excellent success record with pupils achieving top marks at both GCSE and A’ Level examinations and our work has been selected and displayed at both the ‘True Colours’ and ‘Celebrating Young Artists’ Exhibitions. Art is celebrated throughout the school and we hold an annual art exhibition to showcase our pupil’s hard work and dedication.

We have a wonderful team in the art department that strives to ensure all pupils reach their potential, with many of our students going on to study Art, Design and Architecture. Past students are now working very successfully in creative industries both here and abroad.

Our Art Department aims:

  • To enable pupils to pursue the subject to the highest possible level
  • To create curiosity, interest and enjoyment in art
  • To encourage independent learning and self discipline
  • To develop an awareness of the significance of art and to value it as an important, pleasurable and fundamental area of human experience
  • To enhance and enrich learning, including making links to the wider curriculum
  • To recognise the role of art as an evaluation of personal experience
  • To recognise the role of art in the creative and cultural industries
Department Staff:

Miss L Trainor (Head of Department)
Mrs G Digney
Mrs C Whyte (Art & Design Technician)

Art and Design programme of study:

Fortnightly Timetable




Years 8/9/20

1 x 45 min lesson

1 x 90 min lesson


Years 11/12

 2 x 45 min lesson
 2 x 90 min lesson


Years 13/14

 6 x 90 min lesson

Resources are available:

We have one fully equipped art room with an additional media suite.
Clay: Porcelain/College Buff
Sewing machines
Screen Printing Equipment
Apple Mac Computers